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PinUp Cafe - Slot Game developed by GorbaTech Solutions and Designed by Houndworx for Intralot
Wild Signs - Slot Game developed by GorbaTech Solutions and Designed by Houndworx for Intralot

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Slot Game Production Cycle

End to end development
from idea to production
and beyond!


We collaborate to come up with a slot game concept that is innovative, fun, engaging and fitting to your identity.

Graphics & Sound Design

Once we have finalized the concept, our Graphics & Sound Design partner Houndworx designs the game in the most creative and fun way.


After the completion of the basic game assets, we create a prototype so that you start experiencing your game coming to life!


When the working prototype is approved, we proceed to the development of the slot game using the most advanced HTML5 technologies. Some of them are: WebGL, Canvas, CreateJS and Phaser

Platform integration

In collaboration with your platform development team, we are integrating the new game to your platform and getting it ready for your users.

Quality Assurance

We provide testing services to ensure the correct function of the newly developed slot game.


The slot game is now ready to be distributed within your platform or your network of partners!

Technical Support

After we go live, we continue to provide technical support to address any need.

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